What is Occupational Performance Coaching (OPC)?

“A highly person‐centred approach to supporting clients to identify and implement changes, using reflective, goal-oriented conversations with clients and strategies to support client readiness for change.

OPC recognises clients as adult learners with personally oriented learning needs and established knowledge and perceptions.

OPC aims to enhance client competence and confidence to manage current and future situations independently.”   

  (Graham, 2020)             

Start 1:1 Coaching!

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We want to create a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential space for you to have the freedom to express what you feel your challenge, or the person you support’s challenges, or difficulties are.

You do not need to be currently accessing our services at bOunceT to be able to receive Coaching sessions – nor does the person you support need an observation assessment within our therapeutic playroom as we want to ‘empower you to become the professionals’ – so we will support you to implement strategies whenever, and wherever, you would like!


Please note, in addition to our staff following the textbook created about using OPC in practice, we were lucky enough to have a specific manual created by a final year student Occupational Therapist, as part of a research study.

This manual has been approved and verified by academic staff at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, & Fiona Graham (Author of OPC – based in New Zealand).