My twin sons Murray and Cameron are now 15 years old and have been attending weekly sessions with Callum and his Team since the beginning!! It is a Service which we all love!

Murray and Cameron take turns in sharing their hourly session and also share the trampoline together!
We always receive a warm welcome when we arrive. Right from the start, the tone of each session feels so personal to each of my boy’s needs – not only according to their individual strengths and needs, but also how they are, on the day, at that time. Recognising the small signs and signals, after a busy day at school and adapting activities where necessary.

Most importantly, bOunceT is great fun! The programme of activities don’t feel like exercise! All the equipment and accessories are used in an exciting way! This has allowed both boys develop their core strength, improve muscle tone, co-ordination, and stamina.
Murray’s favourite is using the wedge – which we call the big, blue cheese! He says it ‘makes my tummy strong’ and throwing the balls at the wall targets is ‘super good’! He likes the peanut as well because the ‘wobbling is funny’!

Cameron’s favourite is bouncing on his bum, waving his arms out and going round in a circle. Quite the expert now! It ‘gets my tummy muscles fit and when I bounce high it makes me feel so happy’! He also likes ‘throwing balls at the number targets on the wall and getting the numbers, it is great’!
The session is also beneficial socially, as the boys interact with each other and with the various Instructors in a unique setting, and they are having fun talking and listening for, and following instructions!

Murray and Cameron also benefit and really enjoy their time when not on the trampoline, with the sensory area – books, games, equipment and now the ‘fantastic new egg chair’, to relax and chill out!
bOunceT for the boys is ‘amazing’ in so many ways. I really appreciate what Callum and his Team have achieved and have done for Murray and Cameron’s development in such a special, innovative and fun way! They really know each of them so well. I am grateful for their personal input and feedback, when they come to Staged Intervention Meetings at their school, Ochil House. The photographs and comments which gives us detailed feedback on the session and their progression , through Evisense is fantastic and so helpful!

Keep up the good work and we look forward to our next Session as always!

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